Our Mission

is to increase the capacity of local communities to sustain themselves. We care to support sustainable practices that lead to healthier soil, genetically diverse ecosystems and ultimately healthier people.
Saving seeds was once a necessity for growing food. We aim at being an accessible and free source of locally adapted seeds in the form of a seed lending library. Our repository of seeds has been established with open-pollinated, organic seeds for growing produce, flowers, herbs, native plants and various trees. An community garden is often created in order to educate on sustainable practices such as seed saving and organic farming methods, as well as to replenish and add to our seed stock.
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Food Forests

Most of our time has been spent mainaining and distributing sapplings from our ever growing fruit tree nurseries, but have also been restored land into diverse, sustainable food forests which now hosts 100+ species of trees. This not only allows us to feed our immediate community but provides us with a sustainable source of seeds in the form of a living seed bank.



Share Knowledge

We encourage members of our community to cultivate a sense of personal responsibility as a means of enriching their own community and to prevent further environmental degradation and population displacement. With the help of knowledgeable volunteers, we provide education on the importance of reforestation and more sustainable approaches towards living and working with our environment.



Seed Library

Agriculture and seeds provide the basis upon which our lives depend. We must protect this foundation as a safe and genetically stable source for future generations. Together, we develop locally adapted seeds while providing the necessary information on seed saving practices with the vision of making local communities more resilient during these uncertain times.

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Celebrate Earthday everyday.

With the rapid decline of our planet's forest cover, it's never too late or too soon to do something about it. We encourage everyone to plant a tree asap. @growninhaiti

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