Building a community center

Help us make it happen!

Grown in Haiti is on a mission to strengthen the Cap Rouge community by creating a safe, sustainable, and creative space where community members can gather, learn, and grow together. This Community Center aims to provide essential resources and activities to enhance the lives of the young people in the area.

Studies have shown that access to recreational and after-school activities greatly benefits young people, leading to improved school attendance, better grades, and reduced risky behaviors. By offering various sports, arts, educational, and recreational activities, the Community Center will promote life skills and healthy habits among local youth.

Over two hundred children and teenagers, aged five to eighteen, live within a two-mile radius of the planned Community Center site. Currently, these kids have limited options for participating in after-school activities, and our goal is to fill this void.

With your support and partnership, we can make this Community Center a reality and transform the lives of the young people in Cap Rouge. Join Grown in Haiti in building a brighter future for the community.

Together, we can make a difference.